IRL "Indus Refinery Limited" means traditionally high production quality and standards.



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Refinery Product Mix

IRL will mainly produce the petroleum products which are deficit in the country and are being imported. The refinery configuration is designed to maximize the middle distillate product yield, which are in great demand in the country. The products produced will reduce the current deficit requirements of Pakistan by over 30%. Thus, the country will save substantial foreign exchange in term of import substitution.


Major Refinery Products  

 4   Propane/Butane/LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

LPG produced by the Refinery, will be a blend of propane and butane, which can be varied as required. It is also an intermediate material, used in the manufacture of petrochemicals. 

  4  Unleaded Gasoline

IRL Gasoline will be, in fact, a Reformulated Gasoline, composed of many streams coming from various process units being set-up for improving the various properties of the product, such as, Octane Number, Benzene and Aromatic Contents. As a result of this, the Gasoline of IRL will give better performance, having higher octane and will be more environment friendly product, as it will have low Benzene & Aromatic Contents.

  4   Aviation Fuel (JP-1)

Aviation Fuel used in commercial aircrafts is a petroleum product having the same boiling range as kerosene; however some of the critical qualities such as freeze point, thermal stability, electrical conductivity, flash point, and aromatic content are more rigorously controlled and strict quality control measures are applied in handling this product.

 4   Aviation Fuel  (JP-8)

JP-8 is a blend of kerosene and naphtha and is used to power military aircraft.  Like other aviation fuels some of the critical qualities such as freeze point, thermal stability, electrical conductivity, vapour pressure and smoke point, water separation index, and filtration time are rigorously controlled and strict quality control measures are adopted at all stages of production.

 4   Superior Kerosene

Superior Kerosene is a refined middle-distillate petroleum product that is used around the world in cooking, lighting, space heating, solvents and for blending in diesel fuel.


 4   High Speed Diesel (HSD)

Important properties which need to be monitored in respect of good quality HSD are Flash Point, Pour Point, Cloud Point, Cetane Index and Sulphur Content.


HSD, Produced by IRL, will be better in most of the properties than the Pakistan Standard Specifications, specially, the sulphur content will be much lower than the product, being produced by other refineries in Pakistan, as the first ever Diesel Desulphurization Plant, is being installed by IRL for reducing the sulphur content of H.S.D.


 4  Light Diesel Oil (LDO)

LDO is primarily boiler fuel and is consumed by a number of industries.

 4   Furnace Oil (FO)

Many marine vessels, power plants, commercial buildings and industrial facilities use furnace oil or combinations of FO and distillate fuels for heating and processing.  The two most critical aspects of the fuel are viscosity and sulphur content.  Controlling these two factors allows IRL to decrease the environmental impact of the fuel and meet Pakistan specifications.

  4   Asphalt

Asphalt of different grades will be produced for various applications, including:  road paving, airport runway paving, water proofing, manufacturing roofing materials, etc.


 4   Sulphur

IRL will also be producing sulphur which will be recovered from the refinery products, specially, from HSD through the process of Diesel Desulphurization Process.  



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